Hold Your Nose No longer

About Us/Contact Us is operated by me, Randy Schuyler. I also created in 1995. I suffered from smelly water myself for a long time and had an aluminum/zinc anode in my own water heater. Because its anode rod has been changed periodically, it is now 36 years old, about four times older than most water heaters in its area.

I've tried to make it easy for people with smelly water issues to find what they need, but it takes a little reading. If you are in a hurry, or still need help, you can pay $30 for a consultation.

To learn more about how to make water heaters last for decades, visit the main site at My e-address is My mailing address is PO Box 761, Marina, CA, 93933, but I don't take mailed orders. Also, you'll note that I don't provide a phone number. I work most efficiently by e-mail and by staying off the phone. Although I am a one-man company, I pride myself on answering e-mail and shipping products within 24 hours most days. That would be impossible if I were on the phone all the time

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