Corro-Protec Powered Anode

For Water Heaters With Hex-Head Anodes



Photos showing two views of a powered anode; and a comparison of water heaters with a recessed anode and one above the cover


  • a powered anode
  • pipe-thread seal tape
  • dielectric grease
  • instructions

This replaces the anode that came with your tank. Fits all brands of all glass-lined steel residential heaters with 3/4-inch ports and a hex-head anode in its own port on top of the heater and hanging straight down.

Don't use in stainless steel or galvanized tanks, or the A.O. Smith Vertex. Not recommended for multi-anode indirect heaters.


The anode will keep your tank from rusting and breaking, while alleviating odor problems because of anaerobic bacteria found in some water that react with regular magnesium or aluminum anodes to produce hydrogen sulfide gas and a rotten-egg odor.

In water heaters with softened water but no odor issues, it provides a permanent replacement for sacrificial anodes, which are often consumed rapidly in softened water and thus, require frequent replacement.

If you have a vacation cabin where the water heater sits idle, it may be that, no matter what anode you put in it, the water will still smell bad. We don't want you to buy a powered anode if it won't solve your problem. You might do better to replumb your water heater to allow hydrogen peroxide to easily be added. That WILL solve the problem. Click here to learn more.

For other questions, read our FAQ page.


This powered anode comes with a 20-year warranty. Be sure and fill out and send in the warranty paperwork.


Merchandise in original condition can usually be returned within 120 days for a full refund of the purchase price, not including shipping. E-mail to for instructions and authorization.


The products offered here are designed to make water heaters last longer, or solve specific problems. Installation is potentially do-it-yourself, but if you have the least doubt about your abilities, we suggest that you obtain expert help.

Remember also that if you have difficulties with installation, odds are that a professional or handyman will know a way to do it.

We ship by UPS Ground to the Lower 48 states, and by Priority Mail to Alaska, Hawaii and Canada.


This anode should replace the one that came with the tank or the smell may not go away. If your tank has two anodes, it's best to remove the second one.

If you have a power vent heater, the power connector will stick up several inches above the top of the tank and may prevent reinstallation of the vent housing.

If you install this device in a way significantly differently from the instructions and intended use, you may void the warranty. Contact us if you have an unusual installation problem, or any doubt at all, and we can probably help.

If you have read our resources and still have trouble figuring out what you need, you can buy a consultation for $40 and we'll scope out your situation and make recommendations.


Socket wrench with 1 and 1/16-inch socket to remove old anode, and a 1 and 3/8-inch socket to tighten new one.

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